Digital Citizenship

🔥Looking for some FREE Digital Citizenship & Cybersecurity curriculum? Check out CYBER A.C.E.S. from Palo Alto Networks. Differentiated by age & by topic!

🔥Be Internet Awesome free downloadable lesson plans
🔥 Beyond Differences “Every student should feel accepted, included, and valued by their peers. Beyond Differences works directly with middle and high school students, on campuses and online, to help them promote social inclusivity within their schools.”
THREE PROGRAMS: Know Your Classmates is designed to explore middle school youth's identity and belonging, understand traditions, and recognize stereotypes. No One Eats Alone™ teaches everyone how to make friends at lunch, often the most difficult part of the school day. Be Kind Online is a powerful engagement program for middle school youth, their teachers and families. Focused on creating inclusive communities online, particularly learning to respond to digital gossip to reduce social isolation

🔥 Cybersecurity and Digital Citizenship activities for students created by teen Cybersecurity champion Kyla Guru
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🔥 Social Media Lesson: Social Media Stress in Teens


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